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Laboratory Services

The experience and expertise of the COMTEQ team facilitates the delivery of the following high quality services:


COMTEQ has considerable knowledge and experience in the design, construction and management of laboratories and research facilities. This includes containment facilities, animal holding facilities and clean working environments. COMTEQ can be engaged to provide general advice, document review, construction review and specific commissioning as a specialist consultant.

Third Party Representation can be provided when the Owner has limited experience or technical capacity for a given project or an element of a project. This service provides a technical interface between the client and the design team, construction team and major equipment suppliers to ensure the Owner understands the issues, makes informed decisions and the project goals are achieved.


The Department of Agriculture (DA) Third Party Assessor’s (TPA) role is to audit completed containment laboratories against the published DA construction criteria.

The selected TPA must maintain independence from the design and construction processes to be eligible for selection. It is highly recommended to engage a TPA during the design phase to allow the confirmation of the project specific design criteria and to conduct a high level design review prior to construction.


COMTEQ can assess the design and construction of new or existing laboratory facilities against the current Australian and New Zealand Standards (AS/NZS). This process investigates the specific usage, tracks the implementation of risk management outcomes and confirms design and construction compliance.

Contact COMTEQ for an information sheet explaining this service.


Compliant laboratories require design, construction and management compliance. The facility manager is responsible for developing and implementing specific procedures to provide a safe working environment and address specific usage. Our Laboratory Consultant can assist with the development of procedures or provide an independent review of the proposed procedures.

COMTEQ are also able to provide advice regarding achieving and maintaining certification by NATA, DA and OGTR.


COMTEQ provides an efficient document preparation service for the construction industry that includes:

  • Commissioning (Specifications, Plans, Checklists, Reports)
  • Technical Templates
  • Office Procedures and Manuals
  • Project Briefs
  • Performance Specifications
  • Proofreading and Copy Editing