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Building Commissioning, also referred to as Commissioning, is a quality based process which covers the design, construction, handover and post-occupancy phases of the project.

The aim of Commissioning is to ensure the project has been designed, built and tested in accordance with the Owner’s project requirements. It is well suited to complex projects and projects that require full documentation of the construction and site acceptance testing outcomes for compliance or certification purposes.

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A Commissioning Authority (CxA), also known as a Commissioning Agent or Commissioning Engineer, is responsible for managing the commissioning process. The Commissioning Authority is an independent, impartial team member who reports directly to the building’s Owner. A certified CxA has demonstrated technical competency and commissioning experience to an industry body.


The inclusion of Commissioning becomes a contractual requirement which binds the Owner, Design Team and the Construction Team to the agreed commissioning process. Third party verification from the CxA that commissioning is completed, becomes a part of the project completion.



The benefits of commissioning are acknowledged by a wide range of industries and have been independently documented.

Typical benefits include:

  • Quality control
  • Clear definition of the Owner’s requirements and expectations
  • Verification that the design intent is met
  • Early identification of potential installation and operational problems
  • Reduction in contract variations
  • Confirmation that system components can be easily maintained
  • Improved coordination
  • Reduced risk
  • Reduction in energy consumption
  • Structured testing, recording and reporting to confirm the systems perform and operate as intended
  • Minimises post-occupancy problems for the design team, construction team and Owner

As identified in the adjacent diagram, the project team will benefit from identifying and resolving problems as early as possible.